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Posts tagged: rant

I hate the word “gunman”.

It’s use in a headline or story denotes journalistic laziness or an anti-gun agenda.  Or both.

KABUL - AP Heavily armed Taliban gunmen stormed…”

Eight purported cartel gunmen were killed…”

…the dead were pro-regime gunmen.”

Bullshit.  The gun is not what defines these men.  If they were armed with knives, bats or bombs they’d be labeled murderers, attackers, robbers, assailants, invaders…

And…it’s not just the lib media that’s guilty:

Fox News - 2 days ago - A French police official says that a gunman who had taken four people hostage…”

It’s pervasive and the use of the term seems to have become more prolific recently.

Keep in mind that the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty conference is coming up in NYC in July.  I just have to wonder if there is any correlation?